Flypoint Parametrica

A virtual reality creation tool for engineering, a browser extension

The application includes the ability to engage in creativity through gestures without leaving VR

Combines the principles of creating models in CAD and in applications for 3D design. Able to replace them in a large number of tasks

Is implemented and solves the most complex problems of optimizing wind turbines and ship propellers. This is the only product that can do this without limit

Free when ordering models

Interactive Parametric 3D Models

Flypoint Parametrica comes with the ordered models, does not require installation and starts instantly even from a flash drive. Parametric models can be seen in the pictures of this site, as well as watch videos on our video channel. At any time, the user of Parametrica can:

  • Save the model in STL format, transfer to production or print on a 3D printer
  • Continue to work with the resulting mesh in a 3D editor or solvers
  • Select and save any element to continue working with it in CAD
  • Create a series of screenshots with a simple keystroke
  • Make changes to the model, including the broadest possibilities for adjusting the mesh detail
  • Get various characteristics from the model, including automatically, when changing the source file

The cost of an interactive parametric 3D model - from 900 euro

Email for questions and orders:

Windows OS, minimum system requirements

From parameters to product using one example

3MW wind turbine project

Building a wind turbine blade in CAD requires a lot of experience in design, including its own utilities and developments. In Parametrica, the first prototype of the blade was created on the first day of the start of work. This prototype was uncompromising and was based on six transition profiles - from the cylinder, profiles of the DU family to NACA at the top edge. All further work was related to bringing the model to the ideal based on several dozen options

Wind turbine optimization

Despite the high quality of the initial design, it was decided to carry out a unique full 3D optimization of the wind turbine using the Star CCM+ solver and the pSeven optimization platform. A video of calculating one version of the blade geometry of several hundred, which was proposed by the optimization algorithm, is available via the link. Thanks to our Free Form Deformation technology, the complex shape of the blade was controlled by only a few parameters. A scientific article on the results of the optimization is available here

Blade prototype manufacturing

At the production stage, an approach to the digital model is required. Usually, craftsmen use expensive CAM software to fix surfaces transferred from CAD. Special requirements for the mesh on which the machine operates, lead to the design of the product again and deviations from the intended. If you use the Parametrica, then no work is needed to fix the surfaces. The application is able to control the quality of the STL grid and receive the necessary data for CAM immediately. In the photo - industrial equipment made according to our model

Product Presentation at the Economic Forum

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2019 was a notable event. We are very pleased that at the entrance to one of the forum pavilions there were wind turbine blades designed in Flypoint Parametrica and for which for the first time in the world full digital optimization was performed. But the most impressive fact is the timing of the production of these models - from the moment the customer contacted the opening of the forum, only 5 months passed. At the same time, we did not have any developments on the design of wind turbines before the start of work

An example of using Flypoint technology in science

PhD thesis on the optimization of propellers on a supercomputer using Flypoint Parametrica

Special edition for supercomputer CFD calculations

Parametrica has a special edition for supercomputer calculations. This product has taken up the challenge where CAD systems cannot cope - in the tasks of optimizing the shape of a smooth surface while solving the hydro-aerodynamics problem. A modern engineer now needs not only to build a 3D model, but also to be able to control the nuances of its shape to find the optimal lifting force, minimum resistance, etc.

These tasks cannot be solved without a tool that automatically gives the grid for calculation according to natural and intuitive parameters. Available technologies make it possible to obtain such a grid in a very complex and costly way involving several expensive products. The tool should also make it possible to build an integration chain where the optimizer already sets the parameters, the form is built, its grid is saved and calculation starts - and so hundreds of times, in automatic mode, until the required optimum is found

Today there is such a tool - it is Flypoint Parametrica and the modeling language FLYP, with which we create interactive parametric models. Our customers no longer need to long and painfully build frozen models in CAD, which will then be impossible to change without new design. Models in Parametrica are lively and obedient, open for research, and their presence is the key to success of any design team

Specify terms of purchase of the Flypoint Parametrica HPC Edition by e-mail:

The diagram shows the current state of design in comparison with Flypoint technologies. Green areas conditionally show the next stage of grid preparation, requiring qualified specialists. Also schematically shows the benefits of the HPC Edition
  • Particularly noteworthy is the way to obtain a high-quality mesh, which allows several times to speed up the calculation speed and its accuracy. The wings have a strong curvature at the edges where you need to detail the mesh - so you need to be able to specifically customize the layout in the region of the edges. The way to do this is marked as quality
  • To get a high-quality mesh using traditional solutions, you will have to pay immediately for two geometric kernels - one as part of CAD, the other as part of the solver. Often, this is one and the same, very expensive, geometric kernel
  • At the same time, traditional solutions do not allow optimization to run, unlike the HPC Edition. There is reason to believe that optimization for traditional solutions is an unsolvable task
  • Buying Flypoint Parametrica HPC Edition, you do not need to buy a CAD system and an expensive solver. HPC Edition makes it possible to build high-quality meshes in the free Open FOAM solver
Flypoint products are the first applications where you do not have to pay for the geometric kernel. You pay only for parametric elements and exclusive features that we have already prepared
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