Flypoint Parametrica

Parametrica is a new generation tool, created for true art of engineering. This product has taken on the challenge where CAD systems cannot cope - with problems of optimizing the shape of a smooth surface while simultaneously solving the problem of hydro-aerodynamics - at the very top of science-intensity and complexity! Now a modern engineer does not just need to build a 3D model, but he/she also needs to be able to control all the nuances of a smooth surface to find the optimal lifting or downforce, minimum resistance, etc.

These tasks cannot be solved without a tool, which immediately gives the grid for calculation by several natural and intuitively understandable parameters. The technologies available today make it possible to obtain such a grid in a very complicated and costly way with the involvement of several expensive products. The tool should also allow you to build an entire process chain, where the parameters are already set by the optimizer in automatic mode, the form is constructed, its grid is saved and the calculation is started - and this way is repeated hundreds of times until the desired optimum is found. This is exactly a key to success of any design team.

We’ve made this tool! Flypoint Parametrica completely takes on a parametric model and produces all the necessary grid transformations up to the calculated one. It is no longer necessary to build a long and painful model in CAD, which then will not be manageable to change with preservation of smoothness and consistency. We call such a model frozen, and unlike it all the models in Parametrica are living obedient models open for investigation!

Free your time for real engineering creation!

Application Description

Import / Export

Parametrica takes on the input the natural surface parameters specified in the FLYP format, builds the surface and gives it in the following formats:

  • STL
  • Pro-Star Shell (*inp, *vrt, *cel)
  • Curve and surface points (*dat for Siemens NX and other)

Thus, Parametrica can not only supply geometry to CFD calculation, but it can also supply finished surfaces and curves to CAD system to help create models

Available objects
  • Wings (keels, rudders, kites, ...)
  • Sails
  • Marine propellers
  • Assemblies of marine propellers

This list will be constantly expanded. Customers of Flypoint Parametrica HPC Edition can make their suggestions on expanding this list

Geometric models in 3D Browser Since the Flypoint 3D Browser has not released to the market yet, the list of supported geometric objects is constantly replenished. We’re planning to provide a maximum set, not inferior to CAD systems, to create any geometry without limitations. For Flypoint Parametrica HPC Edition customers it is possible to change the priorities in the development and provision of the necessary objects within a month
Printout Technologically, we are ready to create drawings in automatic mode and also print 3D models. In this case, an ideal scheme "we’ve changed parameters - we’ve received a product" will work without any additional work in CAD at all stages, up to manufacturing stage. We will be happy to find partners for this dream among the customers of Flypoint Parametrica HPC Edition, who could provide us with their standards and requirements

CAD Edition

An edition for work with CAD is intended for those who need a tool that greatly simplifies the design of Parametrica elements and allows them to be revitalized. You will no longer work with frozen objects. Now you can animate your models as well as create compact and fast presentations, place them on the network using a single tool.

Limitations: CAD Edition does not allow saving automatically and save models in Pro-Star Shell format

HPC Edition

HPC edition of Flypoint Parametrica is focused on optimization. Removing limitations CAD Edition allows you to integrate Flypoint into a highly efficient automated chain of operations including selection by an optimizer and calculation using the simplest CFD solver, for example, free Open FOAM

System requirements Windows 7 or higher. No other restrictions
Prices and services Send a request for a price list to our e-mail:

What is the difference between Parametrica and 3D Browser?

Flypoint 3D Browser like any normal browser will save only FLYP-pages opened in it. Parametrica exports and imports objects in several formats for communication with other applications. In addition, Parametrica contains some editing tools for a model approaching each new version to the classic 3D editors for the quality of visual processes in the GUI

Technologies Flypoint in comparison with traditional solutions

The diagram shows the current status in the design of screws in comparison with the technology of Flypoint Parametrica. Green areas conditionally show the next stage of grid preparation requiring qualified specialists. Also the difference between CAD Edition and HPC Edition is schematically shown
  • Special attention should be paid to the way of obtaining a qualitative grid, which makes it possible to accelerate the calculation speed and its accuracy at times. The screws have a strong curvature at the edges, where you need to tear the mesh very strongly - therefore it is extremely important to adjust the grid parameters in this area. The path that allows this to be done is marked with quality
  • To get a high-quality grid using traditional solutions, you have to immediately pay for two mathematical cores - one is in CAD, another one is in the solver. Often it is the same very expensive mathematical core
  • Traditional solutions, unlike HPC Edition, do not allow to run optimization. There is a reason to believe that optimization for traditional solutions is an irresolvable task
  • Buying Flypoint Parametrica HPC Edition, you do not need to buy a CAD system and an expensive solver. HPC Edition makes it possible to build quality grids in the free software Open FOAM solver
  • The CAD system builds its surfaces by points and must be entered manually! How to get them having such parameters of the screw as step, recoil, curvature, etc.? If you cannot do it without CAD, then Parametrica will help you build necessary surfaces in CAD by the parameters adopted in marine engineering
Flypoint products are the first applications where you do not have to pay for the mathematical kernel. You pay only for the parametric elements already prepared by us and exclusive features!

Examples of elements and their FLYP code





The real propellers that are built in the CAD have so many parameters

These parameters mutually affect each other, which makes the work of coordinating the form very difficult

Optimizing the propeller requires no more than 20 parameters. In this case, each new combination must be smooth and consistent

CAD system can not build such propellers

For optimization, propellers need not only be build, but still do it automatically, under external control. An incredibly difficult task!

For CAD systems, this task is a dead end. For Flypoint Parametrica - the beginning!

The propellers in Parametrica is built according to the standard parameters - pitch, rake, camber, etc. Marine engineers know these parameters

Now you only need to manage the natural parameters of the form and immediately send in the calculation of the flow. CAD application is not needed here!

All variants of propellers Parametrica builds smoothly and consistently. We made thousands of calculations and got 100% result!

Change of all possible details of the form requires in Parametrica no more than 20 parameters!

It is practically necessary, for optimization of the propeller not more than 10 parameters. You can choose any deformation strategy!

Parametrica, after each build, saves the CFD mesh. Thus, the solver can be the simplest and can not read files in the CAD format

Parametrica can wait for changes in the input FLYP file, immediately perform the rebuild and save the new mesh. Ideal for external control!

The ideal solution for industrial design. Really working solution!


The Parametrica presentation

Propeller deformation

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